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Everbody, welcome to our Marilyn Manson fan site. We decided to make this site first of all because we are huge fans of the band. Secondly we beleive that Marilyn Manson is extremely misunderstood by the public. So many people think that he is a satanic "freak" that just screams nonsense into the mic trying to shock sociaty. This is SOOOO wrong! Marilyn Manson is the exact opposite. I hear so many people tell me crap like "hey didn't Marilyn Manson get breast implants?" or "didn't he take out his ribs?". People hear one astonishing rumor about someone and automatically label him/them without looking at it themselves. The world is filled with prejudice. This is probably what bothers us the most. People who don't interpret things themselves, can't think for themselves.

This site is also a resource for other Marilyn Manson fans who want to find lyrics, information on their music, pictures, interpretations, links, and multimedia (comming soon). If you just want to learn more about the band, you are welcome. If you want to make your own interpretation and figure them out for yourself you are welcome. We made this site as a hobby. If you don't like this website, then leave. If you just want to fuck around and send hate mail, you are not welcome here.

One more thing, we ARE NOT in any way, shape, or form related to Marilyn Manson. So do not send any email to Marilyn Manson because it will not get to him. We are just normal people, who happen to love the band Marilyn Manson.

Enjoy your stay here.

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